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Hinah Coating is Unique, We Relies on 3 Pillars

Hinah is a custom manufacturer of process and surface finshing equipment. We provide our clients with exactly matched designs, reliable equipment and safe, complete and efficient production e-coating systems. We meet our customers’ needs by insisting on safety and integrity of design, efficiency and reliability of production lines.

With over 30 years of experience in industrial coating systems including electrophoresis systems, powder spraying equipment, and liquid spraying systems, we are your first choice for e-coating systems and equipment.

Electrophoresis lines have unparalleled advantages over other coating lines, such as

  • All-round, uniform, dead-end-free coating, suitable for complex shapes of workpieces, such as car bodies, hardware, etc.
  • Electrophoresis coating line can form high quality coating film with good adhesion, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance, which ensures the service life and beauty of the workpiece.
  • Electrophoresis coating line has a high utilization rate of paint, up to 95%, which is much higher than other coating methods.
  • Electrophoretic coating line uses water-soluble paint, which is very friendly to the environment and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Unique designs tailored to your needs

Hinah design, engineer, manufacture and install a complete e-coating system for your needs.
We use the most reliable technology to tailor the system to your needs. It matches your capacity and needs, completes your tasks efficiently and gives you a strong competitive edge.

Leading technology reliability & efficiency

Leading technology and equipment to ensure a high quality coating finish. Enhanced oven technology, advanced electrical systems, precise temperature control system that ensures more efficient, reliable and durable e-coating system and equipments.

Clients are the heroes of our story

Our philosophy is to work around our clients and we do this with full chain of input and support. From initial requirements and design, through production, shipment, installation, commissioning and training, until your system is ready for production.


We Offer A Strong Competitive Edge

Our clients are the heroes of our story and we offer them not only equipment, but also a strong competitive edge.

We design closely around the needs of clients, customizing equipment and E-coating system to fit your needs. The exactly matched designs can save you money and manpower, and improve energy efficiency and quality. This is the guarantee that you will be competitive in the market.

Here, our strong technical team can guarantee you the ideal solution, and our over 30 years of experience in the industry can guarantee the reliability and efficiency of your production line. This is the basic goal we strive to achieve and the reason why our clients praise us.


E-Coating Line

Hinah technology, proven technology, rich experience, custom design, best solutions.

Hinah Technology provides professional industrial electrodeposition coating systems and electrodeposition coating line equipment worldwide.
Every design detail is closely focused on customer needs. Relying on mature technology and reliable equipment with rich experience, our reasonably customized equipment can save cost and labor cost for customers and improve the energy efficiency and product quality of the production line.
What we provide is not only equipment, but also a strong competitive edge.


Focus On Design And Solutions

Hinah is able to provide customers with the most complete and reliable electrodeposition coating line with:

  • Excellent coating quality, high precision and high durability.
  • Reasonable design plan, saving production cost.
  • Easy-to-use design details offer a higher production efficiency.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving.
  • Improve the working environment, increase efficiency of employees.


Why choose us

Strong Team To Rock Your Core

Including e-coating system designers, chemistry experts, control systems engineers, installation technicians and experienced trainers.

Never Stop Moving Forward

Keep linking to the top gun field from the West, our goal is try to optimize design for clients with best cost effective idea, and power up their competitiveness.

Individually Designed To You

To ensure you get what exactly you need, we dtart from first design straight to shipment, help on installation, fine-tuning work, and training job until your system ready to go.

Best After Sale System

Lifetime after-sales service. Within 24 hours (provincial) to solve problem. Two year warranty, lifelong repair.


E-coating line

The project examples are some representative design solutions and photos with their own characteristics. You can select cases for reference according to the coating workpieces and coating steps of the scheme, for example:

You can also make reference according to the scale of electrophoresis line, production volume and the country where it is located. We hope these electrophoresis line coating cases are useful to you.

Steel Pipe

Car Industry

Section Steel

Mechanical、Ship Body

Electric Appliances




Reliable technology and professional export manufacturer

Participated in several International and National Standards in the setting and has many invention patents. The equipments have obtained CE and TUV certification.



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