Dip Tank Pretreatment

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Immersion tank pretreatment is a method of cleaning and treating products by immersing them completely or partially in a pretreatment tank. Pretreatment tanks usually include alkaline cleaning tanks, pickling tanks and phosphating tanks where the product is left in the tank for a period of time to react and clean with the treatment solution.


  • Thoroughness: enables the product to be completely immersed in the treatment solution, ensuring that the treatment solution fully contacts every corner of the product surface and completely removes dirt and oxides.
  • Stable treatment: Due to the long residence time of the product in the treatment solution, the immersion tank pretreatment allows for better control of the temperature, concentration and reaction time of the treatment solution to achieve a stable treatment effect.
  • Wide applicability: Immersion tank pretreatment is suitable for all types of products, especially for products with complex shapes and many holes, and can treat surface and internal dirt.
  • Easy to operate: Immersion tank pre-treatment is relatively simple and easy to operate, simply place the product in the pre-treatment tank and wait a certain amount of time for the treatment to be completed.
  • Flexibility: Immersion tank pre-treatment is suitable for products of different shapes, sizes and materials, offering a high degree of adaptability and flexibility. 
Dip Tank Pretreatment
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Product Description

Dip tank pre-treatment has an important role to play in coating production. It enables a thoroughly clean, uniform surface finish, enhances the adhesion and corrosion resistance of coatings and provides corrosion protection and the ability to treat large volumes. With dip tank pre-treatment, customers can achieve high quality coating results, improve the durability and appearance of their products, meet market demands and increase their competitiveness.

Dip Tank Pretreatment
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Thorough penetration: The immersion tank pretreatment achieves a complete treatment of the surface by completely immersing the product in the treatment solution. The treatment solution penetrates into all nooks and crannies of the product, removing dirt, grease, oxides and other undesirable substances. This comprehensive treatment ensures that the product surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared, providing a quality base for painting.

Uniform and consistent: Dip tank pre-treatment allows for a uniform and consistent treatment prior to painting. By controlling parameters such as the composition of the treatment solution, temperature and immersion time, it is possible to ensure that each product receives the same treatment. This improves the quality and consistency of the coating by avoiding problems such as uneven coating thickness, colour differences and surface unevenness.

Surface activation: Immersion bath pre-treatment can activate the surface by using chemical liquids or solutions. This surface activation improves the adhesion between the coating and the substrate, enhancing the durability and adhesion of the coating. The activation treatment removes oxidation layers and corrosion products from the surface, providing a better base for adhesion to the coating.

Corrosion protection: Dip tank pre-treatment allows the application of special corrosion inhibitors or rust inhibitors to form a protective coating. This coating effectively protects the substrate from oxidation, corrosion and other external aggressions, extending the life and durability of the product.

High volume treatment: Dip tank pre-treatment is suitable for the treatment of high volume products. By designing and configuring the right treatment bath and equipment, multiple products can be treated simultaneously, increasing production efficiency and capacity. This is particularly important for industries and production lines that require large quantities of paint.

Hanna Dip Tank Pre-treatment Systems

Our dip tank pretreatment systems have the following special advantages, making them an indispensable link in painting production:

  1. Comprehensive treatment capability: Our dip tank pretreatment system can ensure comprehensive treatment of product surfaces. By completely immersing the product in the treatment tank, we can thoroughly clean the surface, remove dirt and undesirable substances, and achieve an even and consistent treatment result. Whether it’s a complex-shaped part or a high-volume product, our systems can meet processing requirements.
  2. Multiple Treatment Fluid Options: We offer a variety of different treatment fluid options to meet the specific needs of our customers. According to different coating requirements and substrate characteristics, we can choose appropriate chemical liquids or solutions for surface activation, cleaning and corrosion protection. Our professional team can provide personalized liquid configuration according to customer’s requirements to achieve the best pretreatment effect.
  3. Efficient processing performance: Our dip tank pretreatment system has efficient processing performance, which can handle high-volume products and improve production efficiency. Our system is equipped with advanced process control and automation technology to ensure the precise control of parameters such as temperature, concentration and soaking time of the treatment liquid. This maximizes the throughput of the production line while maintaining quality.
  4. Highly Reliable and Stable: Our dip tank pretreatment systems use high-quality materials and components, and are carefully designed and manufactured to ensure their highly reliable and stable performance. Our strict quality control process and inspection standards ensure the quality and reliability of each system. Customers can rely on our systems with confidence, whether in small-scale production or large-scale industrial applications.
  5. Technical support and after-sales service: As a supplier, we provide comprehensive technical support and after-sales service. Our professional team can provide system installation, commissioning and training to ensure customers can operate and maintain the pretreatment system correctly. In addition, we also provide regular maintenance and maintenance services to ensure the stable operation of the system and prolong the service life.

With our dip tank pretreatment systems, customers can expect comprehensive treatment results, efficient production performance and reliable operation. We are committed to providing customers with excellent solutions to meet their coating production needs, and to achieve success together with customers.

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Answer: We understand your concern about the quality of the coating. To ensure consistent coating quality, we use advanced process controls and equipment to ensure that parameters such as temperature, concentration and pH of the treatment solution are precisely controlled. We also carry out stringent quality monitoring and testing to ensure that each product meets high quality standards. In addition, our engineering team will work with you to optimise the pre-treatment solution to your product characteristics and requirements in order to provide consistent and reliable coating results.

Answer: We take environmental protection and sustainable development very seriously. Our pre-treatment systems are designed with wastewater treatment in mind. We use advanced wastewater treatment technology to effectively remove pollutants from our wastewater through processes such as sedimentation, filtration and neutralisation, and ensure that the discharge meets environmental standards. We also actively promote the recycling of wastewater to minimise the impact on the environment. We continue to continuously improve our wastewater treatment technology to meet the needs of our customers and the environment.

Answer: Absolutely! Our pre-treatment systems are designed to be highly efficient and productive solutions. With automated control and intelligent operation, our systems enable fast processing and continuous production, increasing production efficiency and capacity. We also offer customised solutions, adapting the system configuration and parameters to your production needs and product characteristics to best meet your requirements.

Answer: We deeply understand your needs. Our pre-processing systems can be customised and integrated to suit the requirements of your existing production line. Our team of engineers will work with you to carry out site surveys and technical assessments to ensure that our systems fit seamlessly into your production line. We will provide the necessary technical support.

Answer: We attach great importance to emergency response and rapid repair services. We are equipped with a professional technical support team that can respond and solve system failures quickly. We offer a 24-hour technical support hotline and you can contact our technicians for assistance at any time. In addition, we offer our customers regular maintenance and servicing services to prevent breakdowns and extend the life of the equipment.

Answer: Our pre-treatment systems are carefully designed and manufactured using wear and corrosion resistant materials and high quality components to ensure the durability and stability of the system. In addition, we offer regular maintenance and servicing, including cleaning, lubrication and replacement of worn parts, to ensure proper operation and a long service life of the system. We also provide a supply of spare parts so that parts that need replacing can be replaced in a timely manner.

Answer: Yes, our pre-treatment systems focus on energy saving and efficient performance. We use advanced process control and automation technology to minimise energy consumption and optimise system operating efficiency. We also use intelligent monitoring and regulation devices to monitor and adjust the parameters of the treatment fluid in real time to ensure efficient use of energy. In addition, we offer consultancy and advice on energy management to help our customers further optimise energy consumption and operating costs.

Answer: Of course! Our company offers customised solutions for pre-treatment systems. Our team of engineers will work with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your needs and requirements and develop an individual solution based on your product characteristics, production processes and objectives. Our goal is to provide you with the most suitable pre-treatment system that meets your specific requirements and expectations.

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