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In electrophoretic coating equipment, the power supply system is the key part to provide the required electric field, which has the following characteristics and important roles:


  • DC power supply: DC power supply is usually used in electrophoretic coating to generate a stable electric field. A DC power supply provides consistent current and voltage output to ensure uniform distribution of paint particles in the electrophoresis tank.
  • Adjustability: The power supply system has the ability to adjust the strength of the electric field. By adjusting the current and voltage output of the power supply, the thickness and uniformity of the coating can be controlled to suit different coating requirements.
  • Stability: The power supply system needs to be highly stable to ensure that it provides a stable electric field throughout the coating process. A stable electric field ensures uniform deposition of paint particles, resulting in a homogeneous and dense coating.
  • Safety: The power supply system needs to have safety features, including overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
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Product Description

The electric control system has the characteristics and important role of automatic control, multifunctionality, linkage control and data analysis in electrophoretic coating equipment. It is the key component to ensure precise control, stable operation and quality optimization of the coating process.

  • Control the coating parameters: the electronic control system can precisely control the key parameters in the coating process, such as current, voltage and time. By adjusting these parameters, the thickness, uniformity and quality of the coating can be controlled to meet the coating requirements.
  • Monitoring and diagnosis: The electronic control system can monitor various parameters and signals in the coating process in real time, such as coating flow, electric field strength, temperature, etc.. If there is any abnormality, the system can carry out fault diagnosis and send out alarm signals in time to ensure the safety and stability of the painting process.
  • Optimization of process: By recording and analyzing the data in the coating process through the electronic control system, process optimization and parameter adjustment can be carried out. According to the results of data analysis, the coating process can be improved to enhance the coating efficiency, quality and energy consumption control.
  • Realize intelligent management: The electronic control system can realize intelligent management of the painting process through the technology of communication with the upper computer and network. Through remote monitoring and remote control, it can realize remote management and trouble shooting of painting equipment, and improve production efficiency and management benefits.


Intelligent electronic control system

The intelligent heating boiler is a highly efficient and intelligent heating device with many features and advantages in applications such as electrophoresis spray lines. The following is a brief introduction to intelligent heating boilers:

  • Efficient energy utilisation: The intelligent heating boiler uses advanced heating technology and is able to make efficient use of energy, converting fuel or electrical energy into heat and transferring it to water or other media through heat exchange. It has high thermal efficiency and is able to provide a large amount of heat energy in a short period of time.
  • Intelligent control system: The intelligent heating boiler is equipped with an advanced control system that allows precise control of heating power and temperature. Through sensors and feedback mechanisms, it is able to monitor and regulate the heating process in real time to maintain a constant temperature or to adjust the temperature according to demand.
  • Fast response: the intelligent heating boiler has a fast response, enabling rapid adjustment of heating power and temperature. It can quickly adapt to temperature changes in the painting process or changes in production requirements to ensure consistent heating and productivity.
  • Precise temperature control: The intelligent heating boiler enables precise temperature control and can be adjusted precisely within the required temperature range to meet the temperature requirements of the coating process. It provides stable, even heating to ensure the quality and consistency of the coating.
  • Safe and reliable: The intelligent heating boiler has undergone strict safety design and control, which makes it safe and reliable. It uses multiple safety protection devices such as overheat protection and pressure protection to ensure the safety and stability of the heating process.
  • Automation and remote control: The intelligent heating boiler can be integrated with automation systems and remote monitoring systems for intelligent operation and management. It can be remotely controlled and monitored to enable remote setting and parameter adjustment, improving operational convenience and production management efficiency.

Product Features

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Our electronic control system plays a key role in electrophoretic coating. It is responsible for monitoring and controlling the entire electrophoretic coating process to ensure even distribution and precise control of the paint. Through the electronic control system, we are able to regulate the temperature of the electrophoresis tank, the current, the paint spraying and the rotation speed, and other parameters to achieve high-quality coating results.

Our electronic control system uses advanced algorithms and sensor technology to monitor the paint flow in the electrophoresis tank in real time. Through accurate feedback information, the electronic control system can automatically adjust the current and spraying speed to ensure that the coating is evenly distributed on the surface of the workpiece, avoiding uneven coating thickness or leakage.

Our electronic control system is equipped with sophisticated measuring and control equipment, which can monitor parameters such as paint concentration and pH value in the electrophoresis tank in real time. Based on the preset coating formula and quality requirements, the electronic control system automatically adjusts the current and spray volume to ensure precise coating control. This prevents too much or too little paint and ensures consistent coating quality for each workpiece.

Our electronic control system has multiple safety measures built in to ensure the safety of the operator and the equipment. For example, it is equipped with an overload protection device that automatically stops the coating process when the current exceeds the set range, preventing overheating of the electrophoresis tank and equipment damage. In addition, our system is equipped with an emergency stop button and guards to quickly cut off the power supply and protect operator safety in case of emergency.

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