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Hinah Tech is Unique, We Relies on 3 Pillars

Hanna Technologies is an expert in electrophoresis lines.
We design closely around the needs of clients, customizing our equipment and production lines to fit needs. The right design can save you money and manpower, and improve energy efficiency and quality. This is the guarantee that you will be competitive in the market.

Here, our strong technical team can guarantee you the ideal solution, and our 30 years of experience in the industry can guarantee the reliability and efficiency of your production line. This is the basic goal we strive to achieve and the reason why our customers praise us. Our clients are the hero of our story and we offer them not only equipment, but also a strong competitive edge.


We Help You Start from Ideas in 4 Steps

Hinah’s strong technical team can provide the most reasonable design and solution:

  • Customized design. Customized design solutions can meet customer needs efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Advanced technology with high availability. Hinah constantly develops and improves existing equipment, and these technical advantages can provide customers with more efficient, more advanced and more environmentally friendly coating solutions.
  • Over 30 years of experience. Hinah has rich experience and practice in the design and production of electrophoretic coating lines, and can provide professional technical guidance and advice to avoid problems and improve production efficiency and product quality.
  • Reasonable cost of construction. Hinah has gathered the advantages of local industry chain and can provide more reasonable price for customers’ solutions.

Inquiry and quotation

Customer’s message will be answered within 24 hours.

 You can ask Hinah about specifications, performance, price, delivery time, etc. and learn about Hinah’s electrodeposition coating line, and you can request catalogs, technical parameters, quotations, etc. 

Hinah will provide graphic design drawings and overall solutions according to the client’s needs, and mutually determine the solution that matches the customer’s needs.

Design solution & sign contract

Hinah’s technical team will provide a very detailed design plan of the electrodeposition coating line according to the details of the client’s needs, including layout plan, process flow diagram, equipment list, equipment parameters, equipment price, etc.

And take into account the workpiece type, size, quantity, quality requirements, factory space, environment, energy and other factors to ensure the reasonableness, high efficiency and energy saving of the plan. After the customer reviews and agrees to the solution, both parties agree and sign the sales contract.

Payment and production

After the customer pays the advance payment or opens a letter of credit as agreed. 

Hinah will make and complete the production plan according to the contract requirements, and carry out quality inspection of the electrophoretic coating line to ensure that it meets the contract and customer requirements.

Delivery & after-sales

Hinah arranges packaging, transportation and insurance for the electrophoretic coating line, and sends the shipment notice, bill of lading, invoice and other documents to clients. After receives the electrophoretic coating line equipments, the installation and commissioning will be carried out, and after the commissioning is completed and put into operation. 

Hinah provides after-sales service of the electrophoresis coating line according to the contract, including technical support, troubleshooting, spare parts supply, etc.



Learn How We Helped 200+ Customers Gain Success.

Submit your inquiry about what you need. Customer support will email you within a few hours to assign you an experienced Sales to assist you with your project.

Pls tell us the following specifications:

  • 1.The material of your workpiece.
  • 2.The size of your workpiece.
  • 3.The weight of your workpiece.
  • 4.The output of your workpiece (one day=8hours,one month=30days).
  • 5.The heating power you prefer: electric, gas, diesel, or coal.
  • 6.The size of your factory (length, width and height).

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