Trolley Hoists E-coating Line

Flexible and efficient e-coating system.

The trolley hoists e-coating line uses a self-propelled trolley crane as a conveyor system. Depending on the characteristics of the transmission line, the line is also designed accordingly with a matching workpiece handling link. With its distinctive features, the trolley hoists electrophoresis coating line is the latest technological application and is widely used for the electrophoresis coating of heavy workpieces because of its flexibility and greater reliability.

Advantages and features:

  • Circulation conveying systems.
  • Heavy workpieces and the need for easy lifting and lowering.
  • High-throughput applications.
  • Easy forward and backward movement on the track.
  • Easy remote control, manual or programmable.
  • Flexibility to adjust throughput by adding or removing trolley cranes from the production line.
  • Troubleshooting to avoid line stoppages.


Trolley hoists electrodeposition coating line combines accumulation transfer and electrodeposition coating technology, widely used in a variety of painting applications, such as automotive manufacturing, furniture manufacturing and metalwork painting, to achieve efficient, high-quality painting operations.

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Product Description

The trolley hoists electronic coating line uses a self-propelled trolley crane as a conveying system, which has unique advantages and features in an electrophoretic painting line. 

The following is an extended description of its advantages and features:

  • Circulation conveying system: The trolley hoists electronic coating line uses a circulation conveying system which enables the workpieces to be transported continuously through the line. This circular conveying system ensures efficient and continuous production processes and maximises productivity.
  • Ease of lifting and lowering of heavy workpieces: thanks to the use of the trolley hoists as a lifting device, the trolley hoists e-coating line is suitable for handling heavy workpieces. With its strong load capacity and stable lifting capability, the trolley hoists can easily lift and lower heavy workpieces to meet the workpiece handling needs during the electrocoating process.
  • High throughput applications: The trolley hoists electronic coating line is suitable for high throughput applications. Its efficient conveying system and reliable operation allows the line to handle large volumes of workpieces, increasing production capacity and meeting the demands of mass production.
  • Easy movement backwards and forwards on the track: The flexible design of the trolley hoists on the trolley hoists e-coating line allows for easy movement backwards and forwards on the track. This flexibility allows the line to be adapted to different workpiece handling requirements, enabling flexible process layouts and adjustments.
  • Easy remote control, manual or programmable: the trolley hoists system on the trolley hoists electronic coating line can be controlled remotely, allowing the operator to control the operation of the trolley hoists by remote control or by programming. This remote control makes operation easier and more flexible, allowing adjustments and optimisations to be made to suit specific requirements.
  • Flexible output adjustment: By increasing or decreasing the number of trolley hoists, the trolley hoists electronic coating line can be flexibly adjusted to the output. This flexibility allows the line to adjust its production capacity according to market demand and production plans, achieving better resource utilisation and production efficiency.
  • Troubleshooting, avoiding line downtime: the electronic coating line for trolley hoists is designed with ease of troubleshooting and maintenance in mind. If a fault occurs or maintenance is required, the trolley hoists equipment can be quickly replaced or repaired, avoiding production line downtime and production interruptions and ensuring the continuous operation and stability of the line.

In summary, the trolley hoists electronic painting line features a recirculating conveyor system, heavy duty workpiece handling capacity, high throughput applications, flexible mobility, ease of remote control, flexible throughput adjustment and troubleshooting. These advantages make the trolley hoists electronic coating line the latest technological application in the field of heavy workpiece electrodeposition coating and are widely used in production environments where efficient electrodeposition coating treatment is required.

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Trolley hoists offer many advantages in electrodeposition coating lines, some of the main advantages are listed below:

  • Automated operation: Programmable trolley hoists can be programmed to perform automated operations, resulting in greater productivity and consistency. They can automatically perform the task of lifting, transporting and lowering workpieces according to predetermined programs and schedules, reducing the need for manual intervention and reducing the operator’s workload.
  • Precise positioning and control: The programmable trolley hoists are equipped with a precise positioning and control system that enables workpieces to be positioned exactly where they need to be. Programming allows for precise workpiece placement and movement, ensuring accurate and consistent painting.
  • Flexible process layout: The programmable small crane allows for flexible process layouts to suit different process requirements. Through programming, the path and movement of workpieces can be defined to suit different shapes, sizes and quantities of workpieces to achieve the best possible coating results.
  • Efficient capacity and resource saving: programmable trolley hoists can be operated according to set production schedules and rhythms, resulting in efficient capacity. They can handle large volumes of workpieces in a short time and increase productivity. In addition, through precise positioning and control, paint waste can be reduced, saving resources and costs.
  • Good safety: programmable trolley hoists are often equipped with safety sensors and protection devices to ensure safe operation. They can detect obstacles, restricted ranges and abnormal conditions and take appropriate action, such as stopping or sounding an alarm, to ensure the safety of the operator and the equipment.
  • Data logging and monitoring: Programmable trolley hoists often have data logging and monitoring functions that record and report on key operating parameters such as painting time, speed and position. This data can be used for quality control, performance analysis and production optimisation to improve the quality and efficiency of the painting process.

In summary, programmable trolley hoists offer the advantages of automated operation, precise positioning and control, flexible process layout, efficient capacity and resource savings, good safety and data recording and monitoring in an electrodeposition coating line. They enhance productivity, quality and reliability and bring greater efficiency and results to the electrophoretic coating process.

Applicable applications:

Trolley hoists electrodeposition coating lines in a wide variety of industries and ranges, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Automotive manufacturing and auto parts: Automotive manufacturing and auto parts manufacturing is one of the main industries that use electrodeposition coating. Programmable small cranes can be used to load, handle and paint a variety of automotive parts such as bodies, chassis, doors, wheels, etc.
  • Electronic equipment manufacturing: The electronic equipment manufacturing industry also makes extensive use of electrodeposition coating technology to protect and beautify the surface of electronic products. Programmable small cranes can be used to handle a wide range of electronic equipment and components, such as computer housings, chassis, circuit boards, etc.
  • Household and appliance: Household goods and appliance manufacturing are also common applications for electrodeposition coating. Programmable small cranes can be used to handle and paint household furniture, lighting equipment, kitchen appliances, air conditioners, etc.
  • Metalwork: The metalwork industry requires corrosion protection and decorative painting of metal workpieces. Programmable small cranes can be used to handle various metal products such as steel, aluminium, pipes, tools etc.
  • Construction and building materials: In the construction and building materials industry, programmable small cranes can be used to treat a variety of building structures, decorative materials and pipes. This includes painting building facades, ironwork, pipes and fittings, etc.
  • Steel structures and bridges: Steel fabrication and bridge construction are another important area of application. Programmable small cranes can be used to handle and paint large steel and bridge elements, ensuring their durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Heavy industry and mechanical engineering: The heavy industry and mechanical engineering sector often requires the electrodeposition of large workpieces. Programmable small cranes can be used to handle heavy workpieces such as mechanical equipment, construction machinery, railway vehicles etc.

Product Features

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Accumulating electrodeposition lines are suitable for many types of workpieces, including automotive bodies and components, electronic equipment housings, furniture, metalwork, industrial equipment and more. Whether it is a small part or a large workpiece, a flat surface or a complex three-dimensional shape, our accumulative electrodeposition coating lines can meet your needs.

Accumulation lines provide consistent and uniform coating results. With precise control systems and coating devices, we can ensure a high quality coating and a satisfactory appearance for each part. Whether it is a protective, decorative or special effect coating, we can meet your coating requirements.

Yes, we offer customised design and manufacturing services. Depending on your workpiece size, coating requirements and production process, we can customise the CEP line to best meet your specific requirements. Whether it’s line length, load capacity, speed control or other parameters, we will work with you to ensure that the equipment is a perfect fit for your production environment.

Our accumulative electrophoresis coating lines use advanced automation control systems to achieve a high level of automated operation. From workpiece transfer to all stages of the painting process, it is capable of automated start/stop, speed adjustment and control of painting parameters. This not only improves production efficiency but also ensures quality and consistency of coating.

Yes, our CEP lines are equipped with precise quality control. Through strict control of the coating parameters and real-time monitoring, we ensure consistent coating quality and appearance of each part. We can also provide quality inspection and testing services to ensure that the product meets your quality standards.

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