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Precisely the right temperature for efficient electrophoresis

In electrophoretic coating equipment, the power supply system is the key part to provide the required electric field, which has the following characteristics and important roles:


  • DC power supply: DC power supply is usually used in electrophoretic coating to generate a stable electric field. A DC power supply provides consistent current and voltage output to ensure uniform distribution of paint particles in the electrophoresis tank.
  • Adjustability: The power supply system has the ability to adjust the strength of the electric field. By adjusting the current and voltage output of the power supply, the thickness and uniformity of the coating can be controlled to suit different coating requirements.
  • Stability: The power supply system needs to be highly stable to ensure that it provides a stable electric field throughout the coating process. A stable electric field ensures uniform deposition of paint particles, resulting in a homogeneous and dense coating.
  • Safety: The power supply system needs to have safety features, including overload protection, short circuit protection and leakage protection, to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
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Product Description

To create the right temperature for electrophoresis, we offer tank thermostats, which include intelligent heating boilers and heat exchange panels. 

The intelligent heating boilers provide a constant heating energy source, with an intelligent control system regulating the heating power and temperature to ensure that the water temperature is always maintained within the desired range. 

Heat exchange panels, on the other hand, enable fast and efficient heat transfer from the heating medium (e.g. thermal media) to the water in order to maintain a constant temperature of the water in the tank.

Intelligent computer controlled thermostatic boilers

The intelligent heating boiler is a highly efficient and intelligent heating device with many features and advantages in applications such as electrophoresis spray lines. The following is a brief introduction to intelligent heating boilers:

  • Efficient energy utilisation: The intelligent heating boiler uses advanced heating technology and is able to make efficient use of energy, converting fuel or electrical energy into heat and transferring it to water or other media through heat exchange. It has high thermal efficiency and is able to provide a large amount of heat energy in a short period of time.
  • Intelligent control system: The intelligent heating boiler is equipped with an advanced control system that allows precise control of heating power and temperature. Through sensors and feedback mechanisms, it is able to monitor and regulate the heating process in real time to maintain a constant temperature or to adjust the temperature according to demand.
  • Fast response: the intelligent heating boiler has a fast response, enabling rapid adjustment of heating power and temperature. It can quickly adapt to temperature changes in the painting process or changes in production requirements to ensure consistent heating and productivity.
  • Precise temperature control: The intelligent heating boiler enables precise temperature control and can be adjusted precisely within the required temperature range to meet the temperature requirements of the coating process. It provides stable, even heating to ensure the quality and consistency of the coating.
  • Safe and reliable: The intelligent heating boiler has undergone strict safety design and control, which makes it safe and reliable. It uses multiple safety protection devices such as overheat protection and pressure protection to ensure the safety and stability of the heating process.
  • Automation and remote control: The intelligent heating boiler can be integrated with automation systems and remote monitoring systems for intelligent operation and management. It can be remotely controlled and monitored to enable remote setting and parameter adjustment, improving operational convenience and production management efficiency.

Cool Water Chiller

In the electrophoresis coating line, the chiller is an important auxiliary equipment with the following roles and characteristics:


  • Cooling liquid: The chiller is mainly used to cool the liquid medium in the electrophoresis tank, such as cooling the electrophoresis liquid or cooling the cleaning liquid. By circulating cold water to the tank or by heat exchange through a heat exchanger, the chiller is able to reduce the temperature of the liquid medium to the required process temperature range to ensure the stability and quality of the coating process.
  • Control of coating parameters: The temperature of the liquid medium is an important parameter in the electrophoretic coating process and can directly affect the quality and appearance of the coating. The chiller can help regulate and maintain the temperature of the liquid medium through precise temperature control, ensuring the stability and consistency of the coating process.


  • Efficient cooling capacity: The chiller unit uses highly efficient cooling technology to quickly absorb heat from the liquid medium and distribute it to the external environment through the cooling system. It has a high cooling efficiency and the ability to reduce the temperature of the liquid medium to the required range in a short time.
  • Stable temperature control: The chiller is equipped with an advanced temperature control system that allows for precise temperature regulation and control. Through sensors and feedback mechanisms, it is able to monitor and regulate the temperature of the cooling water to ensure a stable liquid media temperature and to meet the requirements of the painting process.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The chiller unit adopts an energy-saving design and highly efficient equipment that can minimise energy consumption and waste heat emissions during the cooling process. It has high energy efficiency, which helps to reduce the operating costs of the coating line and has less impact on the environment.
  • Stable and reliable operation: The chiller unit is made of high quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, providing good durability and stability. It undergoes strict quality control and testing and is able to operate stably for long periods of time, providing reliable cooling support for the electrodeposition coating line.

In summary, the chiller provides important support for the electrophoresis coating process in an electrophoresis coating line through efficient cooling capacity and stable temperature control. Its features include high efficiency cooling capacity, stable temperature control, energy saving and environmental protection as well as stable and reliable operation.

Product Features

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The temperature control of the electrophoretic coating process is very important. Thermostatic equipment provides a stable temperature environment and ensures that the temperature of the liquid medium is always maintained within the required range during the coating process. This is essential for consistency and stability in the quality of the coating and prevents adverse effects of temperature variations on the coating results.

Our thermostatic equipment uses advanced temperature control technology with precise sensors and intelligent control systems to monitor the temperature of the liquid medium in real time and adjust the heating or cooling power in time to ensure that the temperature is always maintained within the preset range. This precise temperature control maintains temperature stability and ensures a consistent and high quality coating process.

Yes, our thermostats are flexible and adjustable to suit different process requirements. Our equipment can be adjusted to meet the temperature requirements of different products by adjusting the temperature settings and control parameters according to the needs of the coating process. Whether the coating is at low, medium or high temperatures, our thermostats can provide the right temperature control.

Our thermostats use advanced energy management technology designed to minimise energy consumption. We have optimised the heat exchange efficiency of our equipment with energy efficient heating elements and high efficiency cooling systems to ensure efficient use of energy. With a focus on energy efficiency and environmental protection, our equipment helps our customers to reduce running costs and reduce their environmental impact.

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